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Doctors, therapists, and rehab centers are essential for your recovery after a stroke. However, once your physical rehabilitation is in motion, it is time to start strengthening your mental and professional presence. Strength After Stroke, (SAS) empowers stroke victims beyond the limitations that are not addressed in conventional rehabilitation. Welcome to our website and take the time to look around at the different programs that will help you elevate above your challenges in your life.

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After Having a Stroke, Where Do You Turn for Success?

Welcome to Strength after Stroke!


Going through a stroke is not an easy or comforting situation. You feel like no one understands you. There is a time period in which you are healing and don't make progress as quickly as you would like. Often, we can make progress much more quickly just by knowing it's possible.
Don't Give Up Too Soon!!


You have the potential to accomplish what you want in life. The ability to change, and grow lies in the belief you must have for yourself. I do understand what you are going through.
Having had a stroke myself, losing my multi-million dollar company, then re-building myself into a strong and happy person.

Our Services

The BASE Program

The BASE program offers a unique opportunity to partner with Keith as you take your recovery success to the next level. If it is “Self-Help”, where you feel you are working toward your own recovery at your own pace, or you are part of a coaching program where Keith will work with you one-on-one, there is a program that will help you on your continued journey of growth. Click on the program icon to discover more.


Keith’s ability to touch others in an impactful way through his story of Strength after Stroke is unique. Whether a business owner, entrepreneur, or stroke survivor, Keith helps you understand that we all have serious problems and a choice to make afterward. These choices will have a great impact on you and your team moving forward in today’s life changing environment. Click on the speaking icon above to find out more.

Simple as Pie Package

What makes this program special? It is focused on taking you through a process in which you will discover your purpose and set a plan in motion to “KNOW” you are moving down the right path and direction in your life. Keith’s PIE program includes three specific pieces… Passion; Intention; Execution. Each of these will help you move forward in your life’s goals. Click the icon above to learn more.

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