After Having a Stroke

Where Do You Turn


Mental Growth?

It's time to develop your 


Most Stroke Survivors go through a tough time of Depression and Anxiety.

And most programs are centered around the physical rehabilitation side of a stroke.

What about your mind?

Your beliefs about yourself now; post-stroke?

Your confidence?

Your energy and passion for life?

Those things are just as, if not MORE important than physical therapy for a Stroke Survivor!

That's why I created a framework of courses called The B.A.S.E. Program.

A 15 course video series (with handouts) that will help you overcome your fears, and get the tools needed to regain your confidence, as well as hope, in order to enjoy your life to the fullest.  BASE focuses on Belief, Attitude, Strength (Mental), and Energy. Four extremely important aspects to contribute to a full recovery.

Strength After Stroke

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Personal Confidence

Video 2:

Meaning & Purpose

Video 3:

Discover Motivation

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Enjoy Life

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The BASE Training helps you build your self importance and take control of your own behavior. It will help you build your inner powers and transition to a more confident person as you go forward in your after stroke journey.