The BASE Program

BASE Program


Take Your Life Back!

BASE Program
BASE Program

Keith Taylor

Stroke Survivor, Mentor,
and Founder of Strength After Stroke

➤ How to Restore Your Confidence After You Have Had a Stroke

➤ How to Increase Your Energy and Productivity

➤ Some Thoughts on How to Change Your Attitude About Your Situation

➤ Uncover Key Beliefs That May Hold You Back From Success




Break Through Self Imposed Limits
Crush Your Destructive Habits
Renew Your Value From Within
Release Your Limiting Beliefs




Renew Your Quest for Excellence
Manage Your Emotions
Revive Your Positive Mindset
Establish a Fresh Outlook



Rediscover Your Full Potential
Develop and Increase Your Focus
Persevere Through Discouragement
Create an Action Plan



Ignite Your Passion
Develop a Consistent Motivation
Create a New Vision
Break Free to a New You

A Message About BASE from Keith Taylor

What is the main emotion that you felt when you had your stroke? Was it embarrassment? Was it sadness? Fear? For me, it was shocking!  I felt so confused that this had happened to me. A Stroke!! What is a stroke?

Go back to that time and remember the situation as it unfolded… for me, it was my conversation with my nephew. I remember the confusion I felt when he asked me if I was okay. At first, I thought it was funny. I didn’t realize the extent of it. Then, after going to the hospital, getting out, and seeing that I had changed, it started getting clearer and scarier to me.

The questions started to go through my mind, “What now?!” “Was I going to be able to continue to work?” “Could I lead, and participate, with my family?” “What is my life going to look like now?” The questions just seemed to keep coming…

I was truly entering into a much different life. The challenges were much greater for me. Sure, I have had my share of challenges in life, but this was different.

So, I began the journey, the comeback trail. It wasn’t easy. My confidence had been shattered. I was tired, frustrated and I started to develop a terrible attitude.

I had to dig deep and pull myself together and I soon realized that this, like many things in my life happened for a reason. I believe that my true purpose in life surfaced because of this experience. It was to be of service to others. To people that suffered a stroke.

So, I created what I call the BASE Program. It stands for: Beliefs, Attitude, Strength, and Energy. Analyzing your beliefs and shifting your attitude will give you the strength and energy that you need to get through your experience! I know what you are going through!

The BASE Program was developed for the purpose of helping people like you and me, to get us back on track in our lives. I knew that this happened to me for a reason, something much greater that even I could explain or understand. People that sign up for the BASE Program find a way to tap into the emotions that dominate the way that we think, the way that we operate, and the way that we perceive ourselves…

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you passionate about? Is it clear to you, or is it a vague thought that you may have had?
  • What do you value the most in life? Are you frustrated thinking about this? (This is a critical piece of your puzzle.)
  • Are you a positive person? Or, has having a stroke moved you toward being negative about most things?
  • Do you take responsibility for yourself? Or are you blaming someone or something else for your life?
  • Are you willing to invest in your well-being for the remainder of your life? Are you taking action in order to get the results you want out of life?
  • How do you motivate yourself?

It’s time to get enthusiastic about where you are going in your life!

Take a quick snapshot of the benefits of the BASE Program:


B - Belief: Rebuilding Your Personal Confidence

  • Find out the reasons of what are holding you back from growing
  • Investigate why you are not realizing your true values
  • Analyze your belief structures and understand why you think the way that you do

A - Attitude: How to Take Control of Your Behavior

  • Learn how to develop a positive expectancy outcome
  • Learn techniques on how to shift your attitude early in your day
  • Create a new method of stating daily affirmations

S - Strength: Your Inner Powers

  • Uncover and tap into your hidden strengths
  • Magnify the strengths that you have and develop new ways to deal with your changed life
  • Invest in yourself and re-establish your values

E - Energy: The Transition

  • Break free of the bonds that are holding you back in your life
  • Learn how to become increasingly motivated and find a reason(s) to move forward
  • Develop consistency in your daily routines and turn them into new and healthy habits

The BASE Program was specially designed to help people like you and like me. Many of us have generations of beliefs that can act as an enemy to our recovery after having a stroke.

The ego and our emotions can debilitate us to a point where we can’t operate correctly, it can cause some to want to give up in their lives.

I am here to tell you that there is a way out and a way upward and onward. It is up to you! But you must make that decision. No one else can make that decision but you.

The next step in your recovery is having a step by step approach to find success in reaching your goals!

The BASE Program will equip you with the tools that will take you there.

Click the link below to contact me and we will talk for a 1 hour free consultation to see if we are a good fit for one another.

You have what it takes.

Warm Regards,

Keith Taylor